Type of Tour Products: Adventure in combination with nature based tourism and rural/culture tourism

A) Trekking in Chomphet District

This two day trek, located across the river from Luang Prabang in the hills of Chomphet districts, is ideal for tourist interested in exploring rural Luang Prabang. The trek offers a good variety of activities with its challenging climbs, green forests, view of Luang Prabang, agricultural fields, a cave, swimming and three etnic groups: Hmong, Khmu and Lowland lao.

Days: 2days/1nights
Transport: available (Car)
Accommodation: Village lodge with common room

Contact to:
Provincial Tourism Office Luang Prabang ( +856 -071 212 487 and ask for Vongdavone) or
Action Max for details ( +856 -071 252 417 or at [email protected]. Website:

B) Kiou Kan Trek Tours

Ban Ngoi Kao is situated on the banks of the Ou river, in Ngoi district of Luang Prabang Province. A traditional villlage discovered by traveller as a relaxing gateway spot, it now boast 17 guesthouses. Here, bungalows on the river, village treks and kayaking can be all enjoyed againts a bakdrop of jungle and mountains. A two-day trek from Ngoi to a small Khmu hill village allows tourist to experience the forest and village life and return to Ngoi down the beautiful Ou River.

Days: 2days/1nights Transport: Car, boat Accommodation: Homestay in community guest house built in Khmu style Price: for 2 days trek, the price range between US$32 to US$ 39

Contact to:
Lao Youth Trael (+856 - 071253340 ) or for additional information contact [email protected] or

C) Kwangsi Waterfall

This one day trek is a great alternative walking route to Kwang si Waterfall that passes through Hmong and Khmu villages, green forests and mountain tops with a refreshing ending at the water fall. Village guides are available to enhance your experience and interpret natural and cultural sites along the way. Family style Lao lunch is available in a Hmong village. The trek is 4-5 hours of walking.

Days: 1 day walk
Transport: available (Car)
Price: Lunch ([email protected]) plus Guide (US$ 5)

Contact to:
Provincial Tourism Office Luang Prabang ( +856 - 071212487 and ask for Vongdavone)

D) Sam Yord Trek Tours

This four-day trek passes through the rich natural and cultural landscape of Sam York Mountain (3 Peak Mountain). Visit three different ethnic groups along the way, staying with Hmong, Khmu and Lanten people in traditional remote villages. Enjoy local foods and hospitality. explore forest, learn about local uses of forest produts, enjoy fantastic views of Luang Namtha valley and surrounding mountain, learn about traditional agricultural systems with the help of trained local guides. Be part in daily activities with the ialgers and learn about the traditional handicraft production. This trek can be also shorteend to a 3-day/2 nights trek for those woith less time.

Days: 3days/3night - 3 etnic groups
Transport: available (Car)
Accommodation: Lodges with one common room
Price: Per person (US$38-50), Tour companies (US$36-48)

Contact to:
Luang Namtha Guide Service Unit at (+856 -086211534 ask for Mr. Boun Tha or Ms. La Ong Kham) or contact
Green Discoery in Luang Namtha at (+856-086211484)

E) Nam Ha Forest Camp

This trek in the Nam Ha NPA can be done as a 3-day/2nights trek or a 2day/1 night trek. The first night allows your guest to sleep deep in the Nam Ha protected forest, in a remote location 3-4 hours away from the road by foot. Along the way, local Khmu and Akha guides will explain about forest products used by villagers for food, medicine, materials and religious ceremonies. The camp, built out of bamboo and wood by the ilalgers themselves , is a very realxing place to imemerse oneself in the beauty of the jungle. Rise early for the sunrise to see the spectacular bird life in the area. The 2nd night is hosted by Akha villagers in Ban Nammat Mai. learn about the Akha culture firsthand and enjoy local foods and hospitality.

Days: 3days/2nights
Transport: available (Car or tuk tuk driving)
Accommodation: Village lodge with common room
Price: Per person (US$26-38), Tour companies (US$24-36)

Contact to:
Luang Namtha Guide Service Unit at (+856 -086211534 ask for Mr. Boun Tha or Ms. La Ong Kham) or contact
Green Discoery in Luang Namtha at (+856-086211484)


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